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Yu Enap

I recently read a story of a newly appointed missionary to Papua New Guinea (PNG) named Bill.  Bill was informed his new mission station would be about 65 miles into the bush. There were no real roads or bridges at that time. Travel to his new station would require days of grinding travel over a two track road with very deep ruts and multiple river crossings. At the recommendation of his mission president, he purchased a 4 wheel drive vehicle, supplies and several drums of fuel.   At the last minute he also hired 6 young men to travel with him for the next month.  

The road was full of ruts so deep it would take 2-3 days to dig out of if your truck fell into them.  At the first river crossing, Bill was dismayed to find the river was very wide.  Walking into the river a ways he discovered it wasn't terribly deep but was  crisscrossed with sandbars along the gravel bed.  The young men cut some bamboo and placed markers along both sides of a path that kept to the gravel bars.  

Once completed the started across the river. Being a novice driver at this sort of thing, he didn't realize how much water the fan would kick up into the engine and he pushed ahead as fast as he could.  Part way across they also hit a sandbar and the tires sank.  Turning the wheels just sank them in even deeper. Soon, his engine was in the water. They tried placing stones under the wheels, they tried pushing, they tried everything they could think of to no avail. The tires kept sinking further.  Now the water in the river began to rise as water was coming down from a rain storm in the mountains.  What to do?!!!  

One of the PNG boys - a boy of 14-15 years old - came to the front of the truck,  leaned into the window and said, "Pastor, I want to pray". Raising his arms up to heaven, in the middle of that rising river, beside the sinking truck the boy prayed, "Father in heaven, we have a big problem".  Bill waited for him to tell God what the problem was and what they needed.  But looking up to heaven - his arms raised - his face glowing, his eyes open - praying  in PNG style - he said, "Papa, Yu Enap" (Father, You are enough).  That was it. The prayer was over.

Bill didn't know what to do. The boy had gone back to the rear of the truck with the other boys as if they were going to push.  But Bill knew the truck wouldn't start - the engine was in the water.  Finally, one of the boys said, "Pastor, turn the key".  

Bill turned the key expecting nothing. He had forgotten to take the truck out of gear so when the key turned the truck lurched forward, landing on solid rock bed.  Pushing and driving they were able to make it to the other side of the river.

That prayer has impacted me.  Inspired me. Challenged me.  In our problems that seem greater than our ability, God is Enough. When we are perplexed, God is Enough. When we worry about our children and grandchildren - God is Enough. When we look for direction and inspiration - God is Enough.  God is Enough for every aspect of our lives.

He is Enough for me.  He is Enough for you.

Today, we continue our fundraising to launch our mission project. Our goals are:

Launching costs: $11,000

Monthly Pledges: $1,500

Vehicle (4 wheel drive to reach remote villages): $15,000

Consider partnering with God and us in this mission. All donations are tax deductible.  Donations can be made via secure transactions on this website by clicking on the "Donate button".

May you experience God as Enough for you today.